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Small Claims Package

For claims up to $7,500.00 for individuals and $5,000 for corporations, California claimants can file in Small Claims Court and obtain an enforceable court judgment without incurring attorneys' fees or long delays. Easy Law will file your court documents, and serve the defendant. Easy Law is not a law firm and does not appear in court on your behalf, Claimants must represent themselves in Court.

Easy Law's Package

Before you file a suit in Small Claims Court you must submit a written demand for payment to the defendant. With our Small Claims Court Package, we will review the contracts, invoices, statements, and correspondence which support your claim for completeness. We will complete and file a complaint for collections in Small Claims Court. Next, our staff will conduct on-line research to confirm the correct entity status, individual, corporate, partnership, etc., name, and address for the debtor. Our service will then assure the court serve the defendant through certified mail with the lawsuit and a notice to appear in Court on the date set for trial. Service of process other than by mail by the clerk's office will be an additional fee.