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Eric Stevens, President, Pomona Wholesale Electric, Pomona, CA

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Vicki Scardina, Bookkeeper, Scardina Builders, Carmel Valley, CA

"J BAUER INC is pleased to recommend Easy Law as our Construction Notice and Lien service provider. We carefully vet our valued partners and Easy Law has continuously perform beyond our expectation, the online service is simple and their accuracy follow up is second to none. Try them with confidence you'll be satisfied with their services and your interests will be protected."

JERRY BAUER, JBAUERINC | Electrical Construction & Service

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* Pre-Lien Notices
* Intent to Lien Letters
* Mechanics' Liens
* Bond Claims
* Stop Notices
* Miller Act Notices
* Collection Letters
* Small Claims Court

Easy Law has helped contractors, material suppliers, equipment renters and other construction professionals Secure and Collect what they earn since 1985.

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