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Easy Law’s 20 Step Pre-Lien Verification Process     
Step 1: Pre-lien notice requests are date stamped upon receipt.

Step 2: Requests are entered into our computer system using our specialized software program for processing.

Step 3: Our trained verifiers confirm the following information:

  • Job Site Address
  • Property Ownership
  • General Contractor’s Information
  • Lender Information
  • The research is done through telephone calls, online public records, and specialized property records programs available to Easy Law.

Step 4: If the information we gather is different from what we received with the request, we will call to discuss the differences before we complete the notice.

Step 5: If your request is not completed by the 3rd or 4th day it is transferred to a specialist for more in-depth research.

Step 6: If your request is not completed by the 4th or 5th day we will call you to determine if you have any additional information which might help us complete your notice.

Step 7: If your request is not completed by the 5th business day, we will either send it as is with the available information with your permission or cancel it if you prefer.

Step 8: Corrected and/or new information found during the verification process is then entered into our system for your notice.

Step 9: Using our database of 1000’s of names and addresses, our computer system looks for matches with the information entered.

Step 10: Before your notice is printed, a quality assurance specialist double checks the work for accuracy.

Step 11: Any errors discovered in our quality assurance review of your notice are corrected before printing.

Step 12: The pre-lien notice is printed:

  • Regular Processing – within 5 business days after receipt of request
  • Express Processing – within 2 business days after receipt of request

Step 13: The pre-lien notice is prepared for certified mail with or without return receipt in accordance with your instructions.

Step 14: The notice is taken to the post office or submitted electronically to our mailing house.

Step 15: Certified mail logs are obtained.

Step 16: Copies of the completed notices are posted to your account on our website for review and downloading.

Step 17: Once the notices have been delivered, return receipt cards are received, sorted, and filed.

Step 18: Delivery status for your notice is posted to your online account.

Step 19: If a notice is returned as non-deliverable, we determine why the notice was returned:

  • If the notice was returned because of our error, we correct and re-mail the notice via certified mail at no charge.
  • If the notice was correctly addressed but is returned by USPS, we provide our clients with written notice and the option to have a copy of the original notice along with a letter of explanation mailed to the original addressee(s) via first class mail.

Step 20: Delivered notices are filed for future use and are stored for two (2) years in accordance with the terms of our Customer Service Agreement.