Adherence to Deadlines for Filing Mechanics Liens

In the world of construction and contracting, securing your payment is paramount. That's where the mechanics lien comes in—a legal tool designed to ensure you get paid for your hard work. However, this isn't just about knowing you have the right to file a lien; it's about understanding the ticking clock that comes with it.

The deadlines for filing a mechanics lien in California (and many other states) vary depending on the status of the project's completion and whether the owner has filed a notice of completion.

If the project owner does not file a notice of completion, all contractors and suppliers have a window of 90 days from the actual completion of the project to file the lien.

If the project owner files a notice of completion, the timeline is different for general contractors and subcontractors:

  • ·         As a general contractor, you have 60 days from the date when the notice of completion was filed to lodge your lien.
  • ·         Subcontractors have a comparatively shorter period of 30 days to file their lien.

This isn't just bureaucracy; it's about your bottom line. Missing these deadlines isn't a slap on the wrist—it can mean waving goodbye to your right to the payment altogether. It's a high-stakes world where the timely filing of a mechanics lien isn't just good practice—it's a critical move in the chess game of construction.

So what's the best move? Keep the lines of communication with project owners and managers wide open. Stay in the loop about the project's status and be ready to file that lien the moment the clock starts ticking. It's your work, your money, and your rights on the line—protect them.

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