Payment Bond Claims

There are several different types of bonds which may be available in your state to satisfy a claim for unpaid services. Please note, however, that state laws regarding bonds are not uniform, therefore, be sure and consult with an experienced construction law attorney in your state to determine what course of action to take for your specific claim. Some states require contractors to obtain a "License Bond" before issuing a contractor's license to an applicant. In those states, claims can generally be made against a License Bond by anyone who has suffered damages as a result of a contractor's violation of that state's Consumer Protection License Laws which regulate contractors. On most public projects and some private projects, a payment bond is posted by the prime contractor. Generally speaking, payment bonds provide a potential source of payment for subcontractors, material suppliers, and others who provide labor, materials, services, and/or equipment, etc. to construction projects when they are not paid in accordance with their contract agreements. Always be sure to consult with an experienced construction law attorney in your area to determine which rights and remedies apply to your facts.