Pre-Lien Notices

Most states require that a written "Pre-Lien" notice, or "Warning" notice with mandatory statutory language be provided to a property owner by anyone who is rendering construction services for the improvement on the owner's property whenever the claimant doesn't have a direct contract with the property owner and the claimant wants to be in a position to assert or record a lien against the owner's property in the event that the claimant is not paid for its services.

Generally speaking, these notices are used to advise the property owner, and in some states, the owner's general contractor, and construction lender, that the party sending the notice may have the right to attach a lien to the owner's property if he or she is not paid for their services. Sending such a notice to the owner gives the owner an opportunity to insure that the sender is paid so that the owner avoids having a lien recorded against his or her property.

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