Easy Law’s Unverified Pre-Lien Notices Disclaimer     
Please note that the price for unverified pre-lien notices is substantially less than the price for verified pre-lien notices because Easy Law does not check or verify any of the information you input into your request for an unverified pre-lien before the notice is mailed. Unverified pre-lien notices are mailed with the exact information you input in your request. Therefore, if you input incorrect address or name information into your request for an unverified pre-lien notice, Easy Law's staff will not catch the mistake or notify you that your request contains any errors. Please be aware that a pre-lien notice which is not mailed to the correct party may have adverse legal implications for your ability to recover payment for your work. Therefore, unverified pre-lien notices should not be used unless you are certain the information you input into your request is accurate and complete. For any questions about the legal implications for an inaccurate pre-lien notice please consult with an experience construction law attorney. Easy Law is not a law firm and does provide legal advice.

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